Misery Builds Character

Calvin and Hobbes is a special gem. Through the misadventures of a mischievous child, Bill Watterson managed to distill fundamental truths of life into short, pithy observations. Often these came from the interactions between Calvin and his father, as Dad tried to rein in his son's wild behavior with a bit of good old-fashioned manual... Continue Reading →


In Review: Aquaman

Hold on a second. Isn't that a movie? Excellent observation skills, dear reader. Perhaps you can use them to look for the place I said I'd never talk about other creative media. Great, now that that's out of the way, let's talk Fishboy. Sorry, Fishman. I freely admit I'm one of the few people who... Continue Reading →

A Brief Update

Holy smokes! As I emerged this morning from my thousand-year slumber, I realized it's been two weeks since my last article on here. Overdue does not begin to cover it. So for those of you keeping track at home, I am still alive. Things have been absolutely batty at Casa del E. J. for the... Continue Reading →

Building Blocks 1: Cellular Division

Starting a new story is always a daunting task. It could be your first or your twenty-first, and there's just something about sitting down with a flat white page in front of you that's equal parts exciting and intimidating. But really, writing a story is a process that begins long before the words ever reach... Continue Reading →

A Matter of Interpretation

Sorry about the delay, folks. The holidays are always a busy time for me, and I wasn't able to crank out a post every other day like I was hoping to. I'll keep trying to stick to that schedule, but delays are just gonna happen from time to time. So, to make up for it,... Continue Reading →

The Power of Sympathy

Wait a minute. Weren't we just here? Did it really only take me two days to change my mind about sympathetic villains? What is the capital of Lithuania? Yes, no, and Vilnius. Don't say I never taught you anything. So yes, here we are again, right back at the foot of the terrible, monstrous graven... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Sympathy

There is a disease plaguing modern fiction. It has infected nearly every form of fiction out there, but it's most prevalent, and most dangerous, in young adult and children's fiction. It's not poor grammar or improper syntax, and it's not an overabundance of love triangles. No, this virus, this Black Death of writing, is the... Continue Reading →

Why Superheroes?

  For quite some time, I was a little bit embarrassed by the stories I write. A grown man, writing about people in tights leaping tall buildings in a single bound? It wasn't exactly high-brow literature. So when people would ask me what sort of stories I wrote, I would always deflect the question. "Young... Continue Reading →

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